Connected Cabin

Music, films, games, wi-fi, etc. In a context of air transport growth, the offer of inflight entertainment proposed by airlines has become a major competitive advantage. Safran Aerosystems satisfies this need with on-board entertainment and connectivity solutions that are innovative and stand out from the crowd.

Zodiac Inflight Innovation is committed to developing innovative, intuitive and trusted In Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems designed to exceed passenger expectations for a truly unique entertainment experience in flight.

Safran Aerosystems help the airlines provide an exceptional passenger experience using innovative technology solutions that are integrated in the RAVETM system.

This system, which is both modular and multifunctional, is available in several product variations enabling passengers to access a variety of entertainment and information including blockbuster films, TV, music and a moving map. All of these features may be enjoyed on the passengers' embedded seat screen or their mobile electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

The thousands of passengers that engage with the RAVETM system each year enjoy more than a large catalog of content and features –– RAVETM is also synonymous with connectivity. In particular, it includes a wi-fi connection that offers broadband internet access, as well as a GSM and 3G data transmission network, automatically at 10,000 feet altitude.

The Safran Aerosystems RAVETM inflight entertainment system is reliable and very easy to install. It incorporates the latest technological innovations to provide low-power consumption, lightweight screens, and storage solutions for all types of content. It also offers low cost of ownership and simplified maintenance. More than 45 airlines have already opted for the Safran Aerosystems RAVETM inflight entertainment system. 

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