Fluid systems

Safran Aerosystems designs and produces a wide range of systems that enhance aircraft performance by handling critical functions for aircraft and helicopters such as fuel circulation fuel measurementg, and tank inerting, icing detection and protection as well as components for fluid circuits. With more than 70 years of experience, Safran Aerosystems is recognized as the world leader in the market for fuel management systems on business and regional aircraft.


Fuel systems for airplanes

Whether on the ground or in the air, fuel management plays a key role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of flight operations. As a leader in this field, Safran Aerosystems develops fuel circulation, measurement and fuel tank inerting systems. Furthermore, the company offers both ground and in-flight refueling systems.


Fuel systems for helicopters

An expert in engineered elastomer products, Safran Aerosystems is a major supplier of fuel systems for helicopters. The company makes light, flexible fuel tanks, along with all associated equipment.


Ice detection and protection

Safran Aerosystems offers a wide range of ice protection equipment for wings and nacelles, along with windshield deicing and icing conditions probes. It develops pneumatic and thermo-electric deicing systems, as well as ducts and connectors for hot air deicing. In addition, Safran Aerosystems develops complete icing detection systems, including probes, actuators and processing units.


Fluid assemblies

Safran Aerosystems develops high-performance products for aircraft fluid systems, such as fixed or flexible piping operating at high pressure and high temperature. These solutions are designed for use in engines (starters, deicing and air circulation circuit in airplane engines).


Hydraulic equipment

The company calls on its skills in making high-precision components to offer a wide range of hydraulic equipment (manifolds and servovalves), used in landing, braking, flight control and steering systems.


Flexible couplings

Safran Aerosystems supplies flexible couplings used in fuel, air, oil and water circuits that are compliant with our customers' standards (AS7510 and AS1650).

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