Control Systems

Safran Aerosystems offers a wide range of systems performing critical functions (fuel flow and management, monitoring of on-board systems, de-icing and ice detection, air circuit), elastomer or composite equipment together with aeronautical instrumentation solutions, remote measurement and space communications.

Both on the ground and in flight, fuel management plays a major part in the safety and efficiency of aerial operations. Safran Aerosystems is the world leader in this field with its fuel inerting, flow and management systems and refueling systems. The company also offers de-icing protection equipment, windscreen de-icing and icing conditions detection, air management and monitoring of on-board systems.

The company also designs and manufactures a varied range of aeronautical and remote measurement instrumentation systems, on-board recording systems for the purposes of missions, training and maintenance as well as a full range of satellite monitoring solutions for space agencies and commercial operators.

With more than 50 years' experience behind it, Safran Aerosystems is acknowledged as the world leader for aircraft de-icing solutions and light, flexible elastomer systems for helicopters and light aircraft, drones and missiles.

Composite materials are another technology in which Safran Aerosystems has expertise for the production of light-weight complex-shaped parts: containers for evacuation slides or rafts, engine parts, defense equipment, etc.

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