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For more than 50 years, Safran Aerosystems has been one of the leading producers and suppliers of composite components and sub-assemblies to aircraft manufacturers. Its technical teams have proven expertise in the design and production of complex, reliable and highest quality products.

Our solutions

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Complex shapes

The range of composite products from Safran Aerosystems includes in particular auxiliary fuel tanks, evacuation slide containers, engine components (acoustic panels, thrust reverser cascades, seals), float and raft containers, as well as piping for lubrication and ventilation, and also includes composite products for the defence sector (sonars, visors, cockpits, missile components, etc.). For each of these applications, composites have two key advantages thanks to the huge diversity of possible geometric shapes and the reduced weight of the finished product.


Dedicated means

For the ramp up production of this equipment, Safran Aerosystems operates advanced industrial systems through the entire production process, including cold storage, white rooms, a cutting station, a machine shop and paint booths.

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