Instrumentation and testing

With experience covering over 45 years in test flight instrumentation and telemetry solutions in severe environments (commercial and military aircraft and helicopters, drones, missiles, space launch vehicles, etc.), Safran Aerosystems is the favoured partner for its customers.

Our solution

Safran on board (Not exhaustive):
Engine Alliance GP7200 components (Safran Aero Boosters)
Wiring (Safran Electrical & Power)
FADEC for Engine Alliance GP7200 (within FADEC International) (Safran Electronics & Defense)
Nose landing gear (Safran Landing Systems)
Nacelles for Engine Alliance GP7200 (Safran Nacelles)
Nacelles for Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines (Safran Nacelles)

From the on-board acquisition to reception of the data on the ground

Instrumentation and telemetry systems have become more sophisticated with innovation in aircraft and launch vehicles, as well as in the requirements of aviation regulations. A huge range of on-board signals (sensors, cameras, GPS, digital buses) needs to be acquired, filtered, processed and recorded. In many cases the critical elements of these data, associated with flight safety, must be transmitted in real time. Safran Aerosystems supplies an extensive range of transmitters, remote flight termination receivers, tracking antenna, telemetry receivers, on-ground recorders and processors for transmitted data.

eZ integrated software suite

Safran Aerosystems has designed a scalable integrated software suite that allows instrumentation engineers to prepare and operate all of their in-flight systems, process real-time data, on-board and on the ground, and packetize this for any further operational processing.

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