Safran Aerosystems offer a complete range of space telemetry and on-board-ground transmission systems.

Our solutions


Telecom satellite solutions

The availability of a reliable link is absolutely essential for all telecom satellite operators or manufacturers. For this sector and its demanding operational requirements, Safran Aerosystems designs the highest quality products and services: command and control solutions, ranging, ephemerides services, spectrum analysis, interference geolocation, quality of service measurements, 

high accuracy tracking antenna, etc. These solutions are equally applicable for geostationary satellites as well as for medium and low orbit constellations.

Earth observation solutions

Whether it is for scientific or security purposes, earth observation applications need reliable and high-quality ground station solutions. Safran Aerosystems can provide its customers with turnkey ground multi-mission systems for tracking low orbit satellites: fixed and mobile multi-band (S,X,Ka) antennas and very high-data rate receivers able to handle the constantly increasing volumes of data to be transmitted from the payload.

Space agency Solutions

Safran Aerosystems is the favorite partner for space agencies for all types of projects: satellite launch vehicles, space exploration, geostationary and low orbit satellites, constellations, Moon/Mars Deep-Space missions, etc. Its products deliver outstanding levels of accuracy, performance and reliability, for instance its tracking antennas, radiofrequency converters and amplification stages, etc. Its dedicated modems, based on a modular platform, can be tailored for all situations (very low signal-to-noise ratio, modulation, encoding, bit rate, etc.).

On-board aircraft connectivity

The antenna supplied by Safran Aerosystems guarantees high-speed Ka-Band connectivity. It ensures global coverage and accessibility for LEO/GEO services. It enables the use and connection of all types of service operator access systems.

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