Elastomer Products and Systems

In partnership with the top aircraft and helicopter manufacturers for more than 50 years, Safran Aerosystems is now recognised as the international leader in de-icing systems for aircraft and helicopters and fuel systems for helicopters, small aircraft, drones and missiles.

Our solutions

Zodiac Elastomer Europe in Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf

De-icing systems

Safran Aerosystems is a major supplier of ice detection and protection solutions to aircraft and helicopter manufacturers. Its products include a wide range of pneumatic and thermoelectric de-icers in a variety of sizes and thicknesses (for the main wings, tail units, engine air intakes, propeller blades, etc.), as well as complete de-icing systems and components (sensors, controllers, valves, unit monitor panels, etc.). These technologies are supplied with support extending from the design stage to qualification and certification, and including ongoing in-service support. Safran Aerosystems de-icing systems are used by the leading players in the civil and military aviation industries.


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Fuel systems

Globally acknowledged for its expertise in the design and manufacture of lightweight and flexible aircraft fuel tanks, Safran Aerosystems has reinforced its position in the helicopter market with the development of its own specific mixes and doped fabrics. Thanks to its work on innovation, it has been able to develop lighter fuel tank envelopes, whilst maintaining compliance with the applicable impact resistance standards. Since 2006, Safran Aerosystems has been producing internal and external auxiliary fuel systems, as well as all associated equipment (gauges, fuel monitoring panels, etc.), that increase the operational range of helicopters

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