Fuel & Control Systems

Safran Aerosystems is a major player in fuel and control systems and offers a wide range of products in that domain, as well as equipment for de-icing protection, air management and surveillance of on-board systems. Safran Aerosystems test facilities validate the integration, performance and robustness of their systems under the most hostile aircraft conditions. 

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Fuel tank inerting, management and refueling systems

Safran Aerosystems has been a world leader in complex fuel measurement and management systems for the entire range of civil and military aircraft and helicopters for over 60 years. Their products cover the internal components of tanks (sensors, harnesses, pumps, valves, etc.), electronic controllers that inform the pilot of the quality of the fuel remaining and additionally control the valves and pumps, as well as standalone software and flame arrestors..

Inerting systems reduce the risk of combustion of flammable materials stored in a fuel tank by injecting inert gas. Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures such systems for all types of commercial aircraft. Their modelling and test installation capacities enable the company to assist their customers from system specification through to certification. Safran Aerosystems also provide fuel management systems and sub-systems particularly for gauging, tank filling and engine supply, as well as products for refueling aircraft both on the ground and in the air.

I-CAS ice and icing conditions alerting sensor  at Paris Air Show

De-icing protection and air management systems

The products Safran Aerosystems design and manufacture in this domain aid the detection and avoidance of the formation of ice on the cockpit, nacelles and wings using intelligent sensors and controllers. An entire range of products is dedicated to the management and surveillance of air systems, including air-conditioning, air flush systems, oxygen and inerting systems.

Jauge optique à carburant LiSafe® au Salon du Bourget


Management and surveillance of on-board electronic systems

Over the last 60 years Safran Aerosystems have developed control units for the electrical distribution, hydraulic control and cockpit indicators. They process data between the sensors, actuators and the man-machine interface in real time and also ensure the liaison with other systems and sub-systems of the aircraft. In the context of Integrated Modular Avionics Safran Aerosystems provide partition software for several critical systems (electrical, fuel management, de-icing protection, engine interface, external lighting control). All this equipment is developed in compliance with the most demanding quality standards. 

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