Cockpit Solutions

Cockpit equipment, as well as lighting and visibility for pilots and co-pilots, are key factors in terms of on-board comfort and safety. Safran Aerosystems has developed a complete range of solutions for this market adapted for commercial and military aircraft, business jets and helicopters.


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Cockpit Systems

Safran Aerosystems is a major international developer and manufacturer of man-machine interfaces for aircraft system interactions. These products use a range of internally developed cockpit components, combined with the latest communication technologies (aircraft communications bus).

Safran Aerosystems' expertise is evidenced in the supply of advanced cockpit equipment: switching levers and components, integrated control panels, wheel steering handles, landing gear control levers, cockpit lighting management systems, etc.

Its know-how and its worldwide recognition by its customers mean that Safran Aerosystems is able to invest heavily in R&D projects with the aim of developing a new generation of interfaces using touch screens, fully digital components, as well as the latest generation communications bus. These new technologies will make it possible to simplify flight controls, to automate the operation of aircraft systems and further increase in-flight safety and thus passenger safety.

Windshield wiper and windshield washer systems

Safran Aerosystems is the world leader in the development, industrialization and production of complete windshield wiper systems for aircraft and helicopters. Its products cover all wiper systems, from light helicopters to wide-body commercial aircraft. Its latest innovative windshield wiper system, with electronic controls, has helped to optimize the weight, reliability, maintenance and operating costs. It has already proved very attractive for many customers around the world.


Lighting solutions

Safran Aerosystems is also a major player in the lighting solutions market and can deliver a complete external lighting system that is entirely LED based. This system incorporates all the necessary functions: projectors for lighting during the various take-off, landing and on-ground phases, signaling and anti-collision lights, as well as lighting for the aircraft for technical and commercial purposes, lighting during inspection and maintenance procedures and emergency lighting.

Safran Aerosystems also produces, for aircraft and helicopter cockpits, large-scale illuminated panels (flight deck, overhead), keyboards (MCDU1, KCCU2) and other control panels (EFIS3, MCP4, etc.).

1 Multifunctional Control and Display Unit.
2 Keyboard Cursor Control Unit.
3 Electronic Flight Instrument System.
4 Mode Control Panel.

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