Electrical Actuators & Motors

Electromechanical actuators (EMA) convert electrical signals into mechanical movements or convert energy from movements into electrical signals. The applications for these cover a wide range of fields, including the aeronautic sector – with very strict specifications in terms of reliability, accuracy and resistance to extreme environments – as well as the industrial, maritime, nuclear and medical sectors. Safran Aerosystems works in the aeronautic market offering a large range of high performance electric motors and EMA systems designed for each customer's specific needs.

Our solutions

Actuation systems

Safran Aerosystems, with more than 60 years' experience in manufacturing EMA actuators and electric motors, is a world leader in actuation solutions for very many structural applications such as secondary flight checks, door opening/closing/locking and for linear and rotational actuation. Its solutions are used in aircraft, helicopters and space missions, and for applications such as seat actuation in cabins.

Most products manufactured by Safran Aerosystems are designed in close liaison with the customer and tailored for unique and specific requirements. They all offer an optimal compromise between energy consumption, weight, reliability and footprint. Safran Aerosystems is currently the trusted supplier to more than 100 customers around the world and continues to consolidate this position thanks to its constant innovation and strictest quality requirements.

Seat actuators

Safran Aerosystems is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical actuators for use in Business and First Class seats in commercial aircraft. Its products include Electronic Control Boxes (ECB), a complete range of linear and rotary actuators, Passenger Control Units (PCU) for seats, as well as reading lights, electrical harnesses and lumbar massage systems.

From mass to kinematics and including the accessibility and intelligence of the actuation system, its innovative solutions are designed to match seat configurations and the requirements of each customer, during both the build (line fit) and any modernization (retrofit). Safran Aerosystems has a major R&D investment program to design systems that are even more effective, smaller and more intelligent, thus offering passengers safe and comfortable seats, for an unforgettable in-flight experience.

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