Electrical Systems

CES: A350 systems testing

Safran Aerosystems is the world leader in on-board electrical power distribution. Its turnkey solutions cover all the activities involved in the development, integration, qualification and certification of electrical systems, from generation to the primary and secondary distribution and including conversion. This positioning means that Safran Aerosystems is closely involved in the development of advanced electrical aircraft and helicopters thanks to its unique expertise in system engineering and program management.

Our solutions

Safran’s plant in Niort, west-central France, features one of the world’s most outstanding test facilities for electrical systems. Stretching over some 26,000 square meters (280,800 sq ft), this ultra-modern installation is used to test and certify electrical systems and equipment for today’s leading aircraft (A350, 787, etc.), while also giving Safran’s R&T teams an unrivaled resource to test out their future more and all electric solutions.

Electrical distribution systems

For complete safety and performance, an aircraft must have a reliable and optimised electrical distribution system. Safran Aerosystems understands these challenges and supplies its customers with complete primary electrical distribution solutions. These incorporate its own components (contactors) in the equipment (distribution panels, complex electronic modules, etc.) and complete certification-ready electrical systems (generation, distribution, conversion, batteries).

Safran Aerosystems has also developed a wide variety of complex electronic components such as SSPC (Solid State Power Controllers) to protect the wiring and remote load switching, high voltage contactors (HVAC and HVDC), as well as intelligent remote-controlled circuit breakers (RCCB, Remote Control Circuit Breakers), all adapted for the variety of aircraft systems.

Safran Aerosystems also provides comprehensive support services for each electrical system development stage, from the needs analysis right up to the analysis of electrical loads and integration in its system test centre. This final stage makes use of advanced simulation techniques and benches that are representative of real aircraft configurations, the basis for certification.


Innovative Power Solutions

Safran Aerosystems designs, qualifies, and manufactures power generation, control, and conversion products for commercial and military aircraft and ground vehicle applications.  Its product line includes constant and variable speed generators, a range of brushless starter generators, generator and starter generator control units, and power conversion products including transformer rectifier units (TRUs), static inverters, power quality correction, and variable speed constant frequency (VSCF) converters. The leading players in the market, such as Cessna, Bombardier-Learjet, Embraer, Leonardo Helicopters, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Bell Helicopters, Textron, Airbus, SAAB Aerospace, and the US Army and Navy, have all chosen the innovative and high performance products of Safran Aerosystems.

Safran Aerosystems' experience in aircraft electrical system engineering provides a unique understanding of the electrical system architectures of all the major aircraft flying. Safran Aerosystems understands the importance of working with each customer to optimize the system architecture for their specific application, and has the ability to deliver rapid developments using an integrated and highly coordinated inter-disciplinary approach for custom designs, application engineering, and power density improvements.

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