Fluid and Water & Waste Management

Various fluids are necessary on board a flight to ensure the comfort of passengers (air conditioning, toilets, etc.) and the proper functioning of the aircraft (fuel, pneumatic, hydraulic systems, etc.). Waste products generated in the cabin must also be managed. Safran AeroSystems provides solutions to all of these problems.

With hundreds of products installed on board all types of commercial and business aircraft, Safran AeroSystems is number 1 worldwide in integrated water and waste management systems. Its expertise covers development, certification and after-sales support, including for the more complex systems. These solutions are renowned on the market for their reliability and innovation.

In the field of fluids, Safran AeroSystems is also one of the leading designers and manufacturers of hydraulic components, piping and low pressure systems, including flexible couplings and equipment integrated into fluid management systems.

In the cabin, the air must be filtered and climatically and temperature controlled to improve passenger comfort. Safran AeroSystems offers a comprehensive range of air conditioning components and systems for small business aircraft and helicopters in order to ensure optimal comfort for the passengers and crew.

Finally, Safran AeroSystems has positioned itself as one of the main suppliers of electronic cabin components, with a broad range of applications: cabin lighting, cabin management system, access control, sensors and electronics for water and waste water disposal systems, etc.

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