Cabin Controls

Aircraft integrate more and more features not only to improve passenger flight experience but also to facilitate the work of the flight and ground staff. These features require dedicated electronic components, a domain in which Safran Aerosystems are acknowledged as having the necessary technical expertise and innovative capacity.

Our solutions


Safran Aerosystems' know-how on cabin controls covers the on-board control electronics in the cabin, the human machine interfaces for passengers and flight and ground staff, as well as the electromechanical and sensors product solutions and systems. Safran Aerosystems' skills are embodied in a wide range of applications such as cabin lighting systems, lavatory components such as water faucets, water heaters, touchless waste flaps and toilet controllers, water waste system components such has water waste system controllers and sensors, and other components throughout the cabin such as passenger seat control units, cockpit door access systems, etc.

This know-how is transferred into our Cabin Management System which allows the flight crew to monitor and control the cabin and all its various systems. 

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