Environmental Control Systems

Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures environmental control systems that provide a safe and comfortable cabin environment.  Our integrated systems provide automatic control of cabin pressure and temperature.  Our product lines include bleed air valves, outflow valves, vapor cycle air conditioning components, centrifugal and axial fans, sensors, as well as digital and analog controllers.

Our solutions


The systems supplied by Safran Aerosystems cover the air that is taken into the aircraft (air intake systems), that is circulated within it (ventilation and air conditioning systems) and that is extracted from it (cabin pressure control systems). Safran Aerosystems also supplies the components needed for the operation of these systems (air valves, electric fans, temperature sensors and controls, air distribution valves, etc.) and provides support through its FAA-certified maintenance center.

To be able to supply products that support customer's schedules, Safran Aerosystems relies on its own dedicated manufacturing (precision machining, thermoplastic and glass fibre forming and cutting, tube bending, etc.), test (purge, cooling, vibration, noise, etc.) and assembling facilities. 

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