Fluid Management

Hydraulic equipment with piping systems, including couplings and associated fittings, Safran AeroSystems has a full range of expertise in fluid management.

Our solutions

A more recent Arriel variant, the 2D was certified in May 2011 and entered service later the same year. 

This variant of the 2+ powers the Airbus Helicopters single-engine H125 and H130. The Arriel 2D is capable of a take-off power of 952 shp and a cruise power of 856 shp. The Arriel 2D features a combination of new and proven technologies, including a new axial compressor, a new HP compressor diffuser, new materials within the HP turbine and a new-generation, dual-channel, Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) linked to a completely revised fuel system.

Hydraulic equipment

Safran AeroSystems designs, develops and provides maintenance services for hydraulic systems and equipment for applications in commercial, regional and business jets, as well as for helicopters and spacecraft. Its hydraulic systems and sub-systems draw on the Group's unique expertise in terms of integrating complex functions.

Safran AeroSystems' evolving know-how in this domain has placed it in a more premium positioning, supplying products that are increasingly integrated and more durable to withstand stresses (temperatures, vibrations, etc.) and offering solutions for various functions: braking, steerability, landing gear extension/retraction, flight controls, air management, monitoring and regulation or even anti-icing for the leading edges of the wings.

Rigid or articulated metal piping and metal bellows hydroformed for aeronautics


Rigid or articulated metal piping and metal bellows hydroformed for aeronautics

In this area, Safran AeroSystems' product portfolio includes the design, development, industrialization and certification of high-performance and high-temperature metal piping systems, rigid or articulated, and telescopic piping. Its expertise covers the entire value chain, from studies (numerical modeling of forming processes, stress calculations, etc.) to manufacturing and certification. Safran AeroSystems has also developed a new generation of lighter and smaller nano ball joints and gimbals, minimizing the pressure loss and noise generated by air flow in the pneumatic systems. Corrugated metal hoses and encapsulated, metal and flexible thermal insulation are also developed to client specifications.

Safran Helicopter Engines USA, Inc is a site industrial certified providing service, reviews, compensations and resolutions for motors Arriel, Arrius and Makila family, furthermore she assures the production of modules and attachments and assesses and sells new motors.

Fluid management equipment

For more than 30 years, Safran AeroSystems has designed, manufactured, sold and repaired a wide range of high-quality, customized equipment for fluid management systems. Its product portfolio includes all the necessary components for the proper functioning of primary fluid lines (fuel, air, oil, water) on board the aircraft: flexible couplings, fast connectors, filling and discharge devices, sensors for detecting debris for transmission and lubrication systems, etc. 

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