Water & Waste Systems

With over 50 years' experience pioneering integrated water and waste systems, the world's leading supplier, Safran Aerosystems, designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable, innovative, cost effective products. Specializing in water and waste systems design, integration and manufacturing, it is the only supplier that has integrated and installed complete aircraft water and waste systems.

Safran Aerosystems supplies its customers with innovative solutions and ideas from complex full water and waste systems, to equipment and supporting technology for all commercial, business, regional, military and VIP aircraft.

Our solutions

Revolution™ toilets at Paris Air Show

Potable water systems

Safran Aerosystems designs, develops, integrates and qualifies potable water systems, while also focusing on safe clean potable water. Utilizing the latest in Ultra-Violet, composite tanks and tubes, and ultrasound water level technology, Safran Aerosystems provides proven water system solutions, for all types and sizes of aircraft.

Vacuum waste systems

Safran Aerosystems developed and introduced the first recirculating flushing toilet in 1958, integrated the first comprehensive vacuum waste system for a major aircraft in 1985 and continues to introduce the latest aircraft waste system technology. Focusing on customer input and creating a better passenger experience, Safran Aerosystems' latest product, the Revolution™ toilet, aims to change the way airlines, OEM's and passengers experience vacuum toilet technology. Safran Aerosystems also provides lavatory waste systems as well as galley waste disposal systems utilizing proven technology. 

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