Prepare the future

Technological innovation contributes to the attractiveness and competitiveness of the solutions developed by Safran Aerosystems. A major effort has been committed to constantly improve their functionalities, performances and value added. 

A major participant in its fields of activity with a broad range of products and services, Safran Aerosystems is also known for its innovation capabilities. This privileged position is the result of continuous investment in research and innovation to prepare the future and to constantly satisfy its customers' changing expectations.

Jauge optique à carburant LiSafe® au Salon du Bourget
Fiber optics fuel gauge

Operational efficiency and differentiation

Safran Aerosystems' innovation effort concerns in particular:

  • environmental performance
  • energy efficiency (management of on-board electric power, reduced weight)
  • improved safety on-board

It aims to help Safran Systems' customers optimise their operations and to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market.

Innovate at all levels

Safran Aerosystems' experts collaborate with high-level industrial and university partners to prepare the technologies of tomorrow. The research areas explored include aircraft fuel tank inerting, new composite materials and even all the components of the future plant (additive manufacturing, connected workshop, cobotics for operator-robot cooperation, etc.).

All company employees are also encouraged to innovate and their efforts' are recognized, thanks in particular to the Safran Innovation Awards ceremony. Every year this ceremony rewards the best innovations in multiple fields: technology, operational excellence, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, etc. 

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