A fourth station SEE for Zodiac Data Systems

In this context, Zodiac Data Systems has successfully installed a 4th station SEE (Satellite Ephemeris Estimator) on a Zodiac Aerospace site located in Roche-la-Molière (France).
The SEE is a new automated system to estimate and provide the location (Ephemeris) of geostationary satellites up to about 250 m while using the receiving mode of antennas. This new facility complements the three other antennas installed on French territory. This enables the business-unit to calculate more precisely the position of the satellites and ensure continuous service.
More generally, it helps to strengthen the remote control of satellites in their positioning window, sensing satellite maneuvers and improve the accuracy of another system developed by Zodiac Data Systems, the CGL (Compact GeoLocalisation) that indicates the transmit antenna ground position.
The SEE settled in France covers Europe, Middle East and Africa. Soon, Zodiac Data Systems will deploy an SEE in Thailand to cover the Asian region and in the longer term a similar system will be installed in the US for the Americas.


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