Zodiac Aerospace introduces its new LiSafe™ technology

Zodiac Aerospace has developed an innovative digital connectivity technology named LiSafe™ dedicated to sensors installed in aircraft severe electromagnetic environments. A first application is for fuel gauging system inside composite wings.
Plaisir, February 27, 2015 - Composites are used more and more extensively in today's aircraft. Composite wings present new challenges regarding resistance to electromagnetic threats. Complex and redundant installation designs were developed to ensure no hazards occurs inside the fuel tanks.
Zodiac Aerospace's LiSafe™ technology completely solves this problem by removing electrical wires from inside the wings. Therefore, LiSafe™ eliminates the risk of electrical arcing becoming an ignition source in the fuel tank, and will seamlessly meet any future more severe condition.
Zodiac Aerospace has been successfully testing LiSafe™ technology for the fuel quantity indication systems. With more than sixty years of experience in fuel measurement systems, Zodiac Aerospace is constantly innovating to enhance aircraft systems' safety. Combining proven measurement technologies and the revolutionary LiSafe technology, Zodiac Aerospace is offering a fuel gauging system a step ahead of any existing system with many advantages: significant weight savings, ease of installation and simplified maintenance, as well as superior measurement accuracy.
This innovation is the result of years of research from Zodiac Aerospace engineers, in collaboration with aircraft manufacturers. Zodiac Aerospace's LiSafe™ technology raises the bar to a new standard for systems in severe electromagnetic environments.


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