Zodiac Aerospace Introduces New Toilet to Market

Carson, Calif – June 17, 2015 – Zodiac Aerospace is pleased to announce a new contract for a new innovative compact vacuum toilet system which elevates toilets for Business Jets to new territory. Zodiac Water & Waste Aero Systems' (ZWWS) new system, Solstice™, combines the compact style of a recirculating toilet with the benefits of a clean water and vacuum flush. The new contract will have delivery of the new Solstice™ hybrid toilet system in Q1 2016.
The lightweight Solstice™ system provides passengers and cabin crew a better lavatory experience over a chemical toilet by eliminating the need for recirculating blue water. The compact design uses "fresh" water for a cleaner, combined with a more sanitary flush like a vacuum system.
"Solstice's design can provide up to a 30% weight savings over traditional recirculating systems," commented Sebastien Weber, CEO of ZWWS. "And with its compact design, we can size it for installation into new or even existing aircraft with ease."
Everywhere possible, Solstice™ uses proven technology to enhance the system's reliability. Solstice has eliminated the "blue juice" or sanitary solution found in recirculating toilet to improve and simplify the maintainability of the toilet.
"We thought about creating a better customer experience, eliminating the blue juice and adding the cleaning less of a Vacuum flush created a better solution," continued Mr. Weber. "Easier and less frequent maintenance, no harsh odor, better sanitation and better for the environment all in a compact package."
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