Arresting systems

Safran Aerosystems is the world's leading supplier of emergency land-based arresting systems for military and commercial aircraft. Its comprehensive range of products is built around friction, rotary hydraulic and textile energy absorbers that are available as part of permanent, semi-permanent and mobile installations. Safran Aerosystems also provides services that incorporate civil engineering, installation, user training as well as logistics and technical support.

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Arresting systems

Systems for military aircraft

As the world leader in emergency arresting systems and energy transfer solutions for military aircraft, Safran Aerosystems has spent the last 75+ years designing products intended for the controlled engagement of all types of manned and unmanned fighter aircraft. More than 5,000 systems supplied by Safran Aerosystems are in use in over 80 countries. These systems have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of successful stops.

Benefiting from ongoing innovation, these products meet the most stringent needs of international armed forces. The systems save lives while ensuring the integrity of materials and the environment. Safran Aerosystems provides its customers with support throughout its products' lifecycle (upgrades, installation, product support and training).


Systems for commercial aircraft

Many commercial airports are unable to comply with regulations pertaining to the length of the runway safety area due to the presence of obstacles: rivers, roads, railways and urban areas. Safran Aerosystems designed an alternative solution, EMASMAX®, which provides the same level of protection from runway overruns as a standard runway safety area, with reduced installation and maintenance costs and a limited impact on the environment.

This solution was designed in partnership with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), and is the first and only system in the world proven to safely stop aircraft in emergency runway overrun situations. To date, the EMASMAX® system is used on more than 100 runways in 60 airports worldwide, mainly in the United States. A total of 13 aircraft, from a Cessna Citation to a Boeing 747, have been safely stopped thanks to the EMASMAX® systems, thus saving the lives of 288 passengers and crew. Safran Aerosystems is currently offering a full range of capabilities such as: design of EMASMAX beds for new & replacement installations, maintenance/repairs, inspections, training and field strength testing worldwide.

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