Floats & Rafts

For more than 50 years, Safran Aerosystems has been the worldwide n° 1 in emergency evacuation systems for aircraft. Its expertise covers the design and integration of emergency flotation systems for helicopters, integrated life rafts, rescue kits and life jackets, as well as inflatable stretchers, composite containers, gas bottles, physiological clothing for pilots (anti-G protective suits, crew survival kits, etc.), naval targets for missile firing trials and other evacuation and protection systems. Its equipment is present on the main helicopter and military aircraft programs.

Our solutions



Safran Aerosystems' emergency flotation systems are designed to enable a helicopter in difficulty to land on water and remain stable and afloat for long enough to enable the passengers and crew to evacuate in case of a forced sea landing. Safran Aerosystems' floats are designed to be capable of providing stability up to sea state 6 and more. They therefore reduce the risks of capsize and submersion during a sea landing. Light and innovative, these systems thus reduce the risk of fatal accidents.




To keep aircraft passengers safe during a sea landing, Safran Aerosystems has developed automatic and reversible inflatable life raft systems, whatever the position before inflation, to facilitate passenger boarding. They are designed to ensure stability up to a sea state of level 6 and more. Offering high survivability, these rafts also have the advantage of light weight and low packaging volume.


Military life vest at Paris Air Show 2015

Life jackets

The life jackets offered by Safran Aerosystems ensure flotation for all adults or children aged over 3 in case of evacuation of an aircraft or helicopter. Some have anti-capsize functions; they enable passengers in difficulty to wait for rescue and signal to rescuers using integrated accessories like lighting systems and whistles. 



To fulfill the requirements of search and rescue operations, coastguards (United States Coast Guard), special intervention forces (RAID), etc., Safran Aerosystems has designed a technical inflatable stretcher optimized due to its structure, which becomes rigid once inflated. Compact, light and easily transportable, it is used and approved by numerous other operators throughout the world.A net has also been perfected to winch the stretcher into a helicopter or to transport equipment.

Seaborne targets

Safran Aerosystems has designed naval targets in collaboration with the French defense procurement agency DGA's missile testing division to fulfill the requirements of the armed forces. These targets can be used for missile firing tests for training purposes. Compact, light, able to be winched by helicopter and automatically inflating, these targets can be used for various types of missions: radar signature, infrared signature, laser-guided bomb release, naval gunfire, etc.

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