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EROS® Family Crew Masks

Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures oxygen systems and masks for the civil and military aviation sectors, ensuring the safety of flight crews and passengers in the event of cabin depressurisation or the presence of smoke. Thanks to its capacities in terms of innovation, design, simulation and testing, Safran Aerosystems can supply its customers with advanced safety systems, guaranteeing unrivalled performances and helping to optimise operating costs. A service of personalised support extending right up to the certification of the aircraft is also available.

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EROS® oxygen mask

Cockpit oxygen systems

The range of cockpit oxygen products and systems at Safran Aerosystems includes quick donning masks for commercial aircrews that can be fitted in all cockpit configurations, as well as masks for military aircrews designed for the highly specific requirements of the sector. The EROS® crew oxygen mask range is a world leader in this field. Its latest version, the 40 series, includes the integrated SmartMike® microphone which helps reduce breathing related noise. Its 358 series is a reference product for military transport aircraft. Safran Aerosystems also designs a large range of gas and liquid oxygen bottles fitted with regulators or valves, available for most commercial and military aircraft.


Passenger oxygen systems

Safran Aerosystems manufactures complete and innovative passenger protection systems that include chemical oxygen generation systems and mask deployment systems, as well as latest generation portable oxygen bottles that can be adapted for the configuration of each aircraft.

The company also designs chemical and gaseous oxygen generators in a range of durations to meet the specific operational needs of airlines, and passenger masks defined with the aim of optimising oxygen consumption.

Portable oxygen systems are also available meet the requirements of crew and passenger first aid responders, including the ultralight and highly ergonomic SuperiOx® model, manufactured from carbon composite, as well as a brand-new product that can reduce the number of kits per aircraft. The specific LavOx® solution supplies oxygen to passengers in the aircraft toilet in the event of a cabin depressurisation.

Safran Aerosystems also supplies portable Protective Breathing Equipment for flight crews, providing breathing and fire protection.

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