Parachute & protection

For more than 80 years, Safran Aerosystems has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of parachutes and protective equipment for military, aerospace and highly-specific applications. In addition to its industrial facilities, spread over three continents (Europe, North America and Africa), its system engineering services ensure it has the capacity to manage complex programs.

Our solutions


Personnel parachute systems

Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures a complete range of personnel parachutes for airborne force operations. The latest generation of hemispheric parachutes makes it possible to carry out a mass troop drop from an altitude of 80 m. As a leader in the field of ram-air parachutes, Safran Aerosystems offers a wide range covering all requirements, from training to equipment drops for infiltration missions. Thanks to their outstanding lift/drag ratios and high-altitude opening capabilities, these elliptical shape canopies are capable of covering long distances whilst carrying loads. These products, used around the world, are recognized for their reliability, performance and ease of use.

Cargo airdrop systems

Heavy load airdrops require systems that are both accurate and robust, as well as seasoned personnel: loadmasters, trainers, technicians, ground support personnel, etc. To fulfill these requirements, Safran Aerosystems designs and supplies an entire range of equipment (parachutes, platforms, containers, precision airdrop systems, slings for helicopter transport…), as well as a range of training courses dedicated to airdrops from a full range of military aircraft.


From the development of the smallest to the largest parachute, to the recovery and deceleration of planetary probes, Safran Aerosystems' operations cover parachutes, ballutes and deceleration systems for subsonic through high supersonic applications. It has an unrivalled developmental capacity that encompasses all the elements of system engineering, design, development, manufacturing and testing. Its products are trusted by a large number of both military and commercial customers around the world. Several parachutes designed by Safran Aerosystems have been placed on the planet Mars.

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