Safran Aerosystems at a glance

Safran Aerosystems, a major supplier of aircraft systems and equipment

Safran Aerosystems is a major global supplier of systems and equipment for airplanes and helicopters. The company designs and builds high-tech solutions that enhance aircraft performance and flight safety.

It is the world leader in inflatable safety systems (evacuation slides, flotation devices for helicopters) and crew oxygen systems. In addition, Safran Aerosystems is a major player in the market for fluid management systems (fuel, oil, air, water).

A pivotal supplier in each of its businesses, Safran Aerosystems provides products for a majority of today's helicopter types, as well as mainline and regional commercial airplanes and business aircraft.


Safety systems

The "safety system" business, which develops a wide range of inflatable safety systems and equipment. In particular, it provides emergency evacuation slides, emergency flotation devices for helicopters, rafts and life vests for commercial, business and military airplanes, as well as helicopters.

Building on several decades of experience, Safran Aerosystems is now recognized as the leader in the markets for evacuation slides and crew oxygen systems. The company also makes crew oxygen masks (quick-donning masks) and oxygen systems for passengers.

In addition, Safran Aerosystems protects pilots and crews by developing a line of physiological protection and survival equipment for both civil and military applications.

The company is one of today's leaders in the market for military aircraft arresting systems, with more than 5,000 installed in some 80 countries.


Fluid Systems

The "fluid systems" business develops reliable and innovative solutions for aircraft. These include fuel management systems, hydraulic equipment, pipes and swivel joints, plus flexible couplings.

Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures systems and equipment for fuel management, especially for fuel supply, management and measurement, fuel tank inerting and refueling in flight and on the ground.It develops fuel systems for helicopters, including as a major supplier of crash-resistant tanks with flexible bladders, by drawing on its proven expertise in the development of high-tech products.

The company also develops icing detection and protection systems. For instance, Safran Aerosystems makes a new-generation icing detector that meets the latest regulatory standards, along with protection devices.

Safran Aerosystems supplies various hydraulic products, especially hydraulic assemblies used on landing, braking, flight control and steering systems.

It offers high-temperature and high-pressure couplings and pipes designed for use in engines.

In addition, Safran Aerosystems makes flexible couplings and particle detectors.





Safran Aerosystems is closely involved, every day around the world, working with its customers in operating and servicing its products. The service offer includes the supply of spare parts, repairs to components, technical assistance and the creation of customized solutions.


An international presence

The diversity of Safran Aerosystems' products is supported through its international presence, in proximity with its customers. There are 5300 employees working in 24 locations  around the world, with the majority in France and the United States.

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Because its products perform essential functions onboard aircraft and contribute to their safety in flight and on the ground, Safran Aerosystems is duty-bound to bring its customers the highest level of quality.

Its quality policy writes the regulatory requirements into the company's industrial processes, thereby guaranteeing compliance with the standards laid down by air transport authorities while still delivering top performances in terms of features, reliability and lifespan.

As production rates on the majority of its programs gather pace, Safran Aerosystems is also taking systematic steps to guarantee process reliability, anticipating its customers' requirements in this respect and also applying them to its own suppliers. 

Safran Aerosystems' quality approach is applied throughout its products' life cycle, from development through to after-sales:

  • feasibility criteria are factored in right from the design phase
  • processes are fully traceable
  • a continuous improvement process is implemented at all sites (QRQC, Lean Sigma, etc.)



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