Safran Aerosystems at a glance

A key international player in aeronautic equipment and systems for aircraft and helicopters, Safran Aerosystems designs and manufactures high tech solutions to increase aircraft performance and flight safety.

With components found in the majority of commercial, regional and business aircraft and helicopter programs, Safran Aerosystems is a major player in each of its fields of business.

Safety systems

With an expertise gained over many decades, Safran Aerosystems is an acknowledged leader in aircraft and helicopter emergency evacuation systems, emergency ground braking systems, as well as on-board oxygen systems. The company is also a leading operator in the parachute field and in military mission protection equipment.

Zodiac Aero Electric – LED flashlight

Electrical and cockpit systems

Safran Aerosystems meets the needs of "more electric" aircraft with its powerful on-board electrical power management systems. The company also supplies cockpit equipment and systems, electrical interconnection solutions, as well as electric motors and actuators.


Control systems

Safran Aerosystems provides for its customers its advanced expertise in monitoring and managing on-board systems. The company is one of the top three manufacturers of fuel systems and is growing its presence in inerting systems. An expert in high tech elastomer products, Safran Aerosystems is now the #1 in flexible tanks and fuel system equipment and #2 in de-icing systems, at the same time as growing in the extremely specific market of telemetry and data transmission systems.


Fluid and water & waste management

The acknowledged reference for on-board water and waste management systems, Safran Aerosystems delivers reliable and innovative solutions to its customers. It is also a market leader in terms of hydraulic equipment. Its expertise also extends into air conditioning systems, with solutions for safe and comfortable cabin environments, as well as cabin electronics and components. Finally, the company offers a targeted range of piping and fluid management systems.

Safran Aerosystems offers innovative In-flight Entertainment solutions with the award winning RAVE™ system. RAVE - Reliable, Affordable and Very Easy - provides an independent Inflight Entertainment a (IFE) system, simplifying the network and ensuring to passengers the access to audio and video on demand as well as other contents. This way, the failure in one seat won’t affect the others. RAVE takes advantage of the latest technologies to offer lightweight and low power consumption screens as well as internal storage solutions for all contents. Advantages also include Lower cost of ownership, Simplified maintenance and a large selection of screen resolutions.

Connected cabin

In helping airlines improve the on-board experience for their passengers, Safran Aerosystems has developed innovative entertainment and connectivity solutions, recognized for their reliability, ease of use, optimized total cost of ownership and simplicity of maintenance. The company is thus the #3 in the inflight entertainment and connectivity systems market.



Safran Aerosystems is closely involved, every day around the world, working with its customers in operating and servicing its products. The service offer includes the supply of spare parts, repairs to components, technical assistance and the creation of customized solutions.


An international presence

The diversity of Safran Aerosystems' products is supported through its international presence, in proximity with its customers. There are 12,000 employees working in 45 countries around the world, with the majority in France and the United States.

sites in the world




Because its products perform essential functions onboard aircraft and contribute to their safety in flight and on the ground, Safran Aerosystems is duty-bound to bring its customers the highest level of quality.

Its quality policy writes the regulatory requirements into the company's industrial processes, thereby guaranteeing compliance with the standards laid down by air transport authorities while still delivering top performances in terms of features, reliability and lifespan.

As production rates on the majority of its programs gather pace, Safran Aerosystems is also taking systematic steps to guarantee process reliability, anticipating its customers' requirements in this respect and also applying them to its own suppliers. 

Safran Aerosystems' quality approach is applied throughout its products' life cycle, from development through to after-sales:

  • feasibility criteria are factored in right from the design phase
  • processes are fully traceable
  • a continuous improvement process is implemented at all sites (QRQC, Lean Sigma, etc.)


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